Drone Shots (Haiti Only)

$600.00 $400.00

Get aerial images and video from a professional drone service provider based in Haiti at a fraction of the cost and time.




Commercial Real Estate

Sell real estate faster, attract more clients, and get the full picture by capturing your property and the surrounding area with drone imagery and data.

Property Management

Manage properties across the country quickly and reliably. From roof & equipment inspections to construction progress to marketing – drones are the ultimate tool.


Improve operational efficiency, reduce liability, and make better decisions with drone imagery. We’re the expert in aerial property inspections for underwriting and claims.

Residential Real Estate

Showcase your home from the sky at a fraction of the cost and time. Get stunning aerial photos and videos of your listings from a professional pilot.

Other Industries

Drone inspections are safer, faster, and cheaper than traditional inspections. Get accurate drone imagery now, anywhere in the country, from a pro.

How it works

1. Book professional drone services
Tell us where you would like aerial photography, videography, mapping, or data collection, and we take care of the rest. Our proprietary shot lists have been perfected over tens of thousands of drone flights.

2. We do the flying
A HaiPro drone pilot will visit your location and do all the flying. Our drone operators follow FAA guidelines and vetted by us. We have flown on countless projects and come EXPERIENCED.

3. Make better, faster decisions
Your aerial videos, photos, and data will be ready in just a few days and are stored securely with no additional fees.

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