Virtual/Remote Exec Assistants


If a large part of your workday is being consumed by phone calls, paperwork, and other time-sensitive tasks, then hiring a virtual assistant may be an ideal solution. A virtual assistant (VA) can handle many of the everyday clerical, scheduling, and technical aspects that keep your business operating smoothly.

The minimum first order is 40 hours at $5 per hour.

  • Experienced & College Educated
  • Full-Time or Hourly Options available
  • Very high *get things done* quotient


Stop Sweating The Small Stuff. Get Help For Your Business Now! Long-term. Available at Hourly Rates or One-time projects


We are great for those:

  • Wanting to remove the need to absorb the high costs of permanent part-time employees.
  • Too busy to handle everything on your plate.
  • Aren’t inclined to undertake a project by yourself.


  1. Instead of being supported by 1 person you are supported by 2, maybe 3 depending on your needs, for the same cost of a single employee. You, in turn, are able to benefit from our pooled knowledge resource and operate your business at the level you have always dreamed of. You can focus on efficiency, creativity and more freedom to focus on revenue generation.
  2. We are a team: What this means for you is that your business is not left up to the whim or life changes of one individual. So even if one of our awesome team members is out on vacation, your business runs just the same, because another account manager is ready to pick up where she left off
  3. We grow with you!: We provide the comfort of knowing that you have support for where you are now, and if 6 months down the line that changes and you need more, we are here for that too! Plus, once you have truly outgrown our services (rare – but it could happen), we work with you to source and train your full-time person! No loss of time or knowledge. Everything we have ever done for you will have been securely stored on your cloud and will be easy to transfer.
  4. Cost Effective: Pay for the hours you use us or choose to pay a weekly retain for an even further discounted rate.
  5. We are fun to work with and up to date on the latest technology: From the way we communicate with our clients to the way we learn and streamline the administrative operations of your business, we make it painless to improve your digital processes! We offer you training as well to help get and keep you up to speed!


  • Email management
  • Calendar Management
  • Data entry
  • Documentation update
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Distribution
  • Write, edit and proofread reports, documents, prepare correspondence and prioritize items that need attention.
  • Social Media Management
  • Events and Meeting Organization
  • Oversee communication with customers, clients and vendors
  • Employee recruitment/interviews to screen incoming candidates
  • Online Research (Sales related, Industry Knowledge, etc)
  • Data Presentations
  • Social Tasks (thank you notes, holiday cards, etc)
  • Travel Research & Booking


Every project is unique, so please first inquiry about your needed services.   — The minimum first order is 40 hours at $5 per hour.


Once you pay for the minimum hours, we will reach out to you for a full statement of work with required daily online hours.  Anything else not listed in the description you need to be done, please let us know.

We look forward to working with you.


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