What we do

We are a full-service multi staffed Digital Freelance Project Office. A core specialty is freelance projects for users across the internet. Our goal is to provide your requested projected at the highest quality, quickest speed, lowest price, and greatest available service.

Because our cost bases in Haiti Gourdes and the Haitian labor market, we can offer our service at prices much lower than US competitors.

Why Haiti?

  • Haiti has a large untapped skilled labor market.
  • The Haitian average comparative wage levels are some of the lowest in northern America.
  • Recent large investments in Haiti’s internet infrastructure and global connectivity
  • Unlike other competitor nations, we are in the same hemisphere and the same time zone as many of our clients (eastern); it is only a 1.5-hour flight from Miami to Haitian Offices

Characteristics of our workers:

  • Young, competent  and motivated workforce
  • English is a standard part of the curriculum at all private and public schools.
  • Employees are loyal and tend to remain with an employer for 5+ years on average.